YouTube took down more videos

it relied more on non-human moderators, so it was ever last quarter. YouTube deleted more videos in the 2020 second quarter than it ever has, as it predicted would likely happen and the company inclined more on its calculation instead of the greater part of its human content moderators. That’s according to the released company’s Read more about YouTube took down more videos[…]

Google’s Android-TV-dongle could be coming soon

In FCC filings, two new Google hardware devices have shown up and it appears to be likely that they’re identified with the new Android TV product is apparently been underway for some time. Assuming this is the case, the filings could propose that Google is at long last gearing up to release it soon. In Read more about Google’s Android-TV-dongle could be coming soon[…]

Taiwan could ban major Chinese video-streaming-services

Taiwan is planning to bolt out video streaming services from Chinese tech giants Tencent and Baidu. While such services are apparently effectively unlawful in oneself administering island republic, Tencent’s WeTV and Baidu’s iQiyi presently work under a legal loophole that permits them to partner with local companies. Presently, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs states that Read more about Taiwan could ban major Chinese video-streaming-services[…]

Twenty-state AGs press Facebook for combat-hate-speech

Twenty state lawyers general requested Facebook to accomplish more to combat hate speech, on the social network for discrimination and disinformation, the most recent group to say something regarding troublesome substance on the platform. Facebook has been criticized for how it implements its guidelines against hate speech. Civil equality groups released a campaign known as Read more about Twenty-state AGs press Facebook for combat-hate-speech[…]

Gogo lays-off 14% of its workers

As the airline industry struggles to continue, Gogo lays off 14 percent of its employees. Gogo, In-flight Wi-Fi provider is laying off 143 works or almost 14% of its employees, as individuals keep on maintaining a strategic distance from air travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, the company cut executive pay in April and furloughed Read more about Gogo lays-off 14% of its workers[…]